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Tuesday 18th October 2011

Downing Street publishes Gus O'Donnell's report into the affair here

Rupert Neate at the Guardian, who broke the story, enumerates some remaining questions here.

Sunday 16th October 2011

Independent on Sunday: Revealed: Fox's best man and his ties to Iran's opposition - An IoS Investigation: The murky world of Adam Werritty: Self-styled adviser 'had links to Mossad' [source]

Sunday Telegraph: Fox affair: donors' fury over 'lies'Liam Fox and his best man Adam Werritty were battling damaging new allegations over their conduct last night. [source]

The Observer: Liam Fox resignation exposes Tory links to US radical right [source]

Mail on Sunday: Fox, Werritty and a 'very messy' night in Dubai: MoS reveals the full extent of partying with best man [source]


15th October 2011

Coverage of the Liam Fox Resignation

Guardian: Liam Fox quits as defence secretary [source]

Telegraph: Liam Fox resigns following Adam Werritty revelationsLiam Fox resigned as it emerged that the Defence Secretary had personally asked a City financier to bankroll his unofficial adviser [source]

The Economist: Outfoxed - Liam Fox was acting like a Washington politician, but in Westminster [source]

Independent: With no end to the scandal in sight, he had to go [source]

The Mail: Secret cash trail that meant Fox had to go: Defence Secretary resigns after claim he 'personally asked Tory donor to fund his best man' [source]

BBC: Liam Fox inquiry must continue - Labour [source]

The Mirror: Liam Fox resigns, Oliver Letwin probed - and David Cameron left reeling [source]

The Sun: Defence Secretary Liam Fox quits over pal [source]

The Star: Liam Fox Quits [source]


14th October 2011

BBC: Liam Fox quits [source]

16:11 Liam Fox resigns Guardian: Live Coverage of resignation

Twitter: ModelCitizen1 Must be a first. Minister resigns to spend less time with friends and family.

Guardian: Liam Fox faces fresh questions on Sri Lanka links - "Liam Fox faced fresh accusations of running a shadow foreign policy after it emerged he was involved in setting up a private investment firm to operate in Sri Lanka in apparent contravention of UK government policy, with his controversial friend Adam Werritty as its key contact." [source]

Telegraph: Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and the $500 bash that went undeclared - "The Defence Secretary and Adam Werritty were both guests at the fund-raising dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel where they mingled with American-based lobbyists for the defence industry and leading US military officials.
The engagement, which Dr Fox says took place during his annual leave, does not appear on the official list released by the Ministry of Defence earlier this week. This will lead to allegations that there has not been a full disclosure of their meetings." [source]

BBC: Liam Fox friend 'funded by private intelligence firm' - An investigation is examining whether Liam Fox broke rules on ministerial conduct - "The Times claims they helped channel £147,000 into a company set up by Mr Werritty, who used it to join the defence secretary on trips abroad." [source]

Independent: MoD hunts for reports submitted by Werritty - If records show friend was paid adviser, Fox would be in breach of ministerial rules [source]

13th October 2011

Financial Times: Tory donor’s links add pressure on Fox - "Michael Hintze, the millionaire Tory donor who indirectly financed Adam Werritty, the controversial associate of the defence secretary Liam Fox, has tens of millions of dollars invested in defence companies through his hedge fund, CQS." [source]

12th October 2011 Make your own Liam Fox business card:

BBC: The BBC's Nick Robinson has said that 'Werritty's arrangements were funded by private clients who paid him an annual retainer in exchange for strategic and political advice', reports the Guardian.

Minister Chris Grayling told the BBC: "I thought we had got past the point in politics where we needed to worry about people's private lives." "Liam is a very good defence secretary doing a very good job." [source]

The Sun: Tory party is said to have lied about a break in to Dr Liam Fox's flat during the election. It apparently told the press that Dr Fox had been alone in the flat at the time, but it has been discovered that a 'younger man' had been put up in the guest room on the night in question. Dr Fox made a statement to the effect that it was wrong for the press office to say he was alone and that the police had been told at the time and that the younger man wasn't Adam Werritty. [source]

Telegraph reports that Adam Werritty linked to Conservative Party donor: Adam Werritty has been provided with a free desk by Michael Hintze, the founder of the CQS hedge fund, at the company’s London base. [source]

The Guardian writes: "Liam Fox's claim that Adam Werritty was operating in "a private capacity" when the men met twice in Dubai this year has been thrown into fresh doubt by hotel records.

They reveal that Werritty booked into the five-star Shangri-La hotel earlier this year describing his position as "office of Dr Liam Fox" and naming his company as "Atlantic Bridge", the defence secretary's controversial right wing charity which had close links to a group of powerful American business lobbyists." [source]

The Independent: "Senior Israeli diplomats believed that Adam Werritty was an official adviser to the Defence Secretary Liam Fox when the pair attended a top-level conference that discussed sanctions against Iran, The Independent has learned." [source]

Newsbiscuit (satire): Defence Minister’s wife found second man in marital bed [source]

Daily Mash (satire): Sun demands inquiry into whether Fox does it with men [source]

11th October 2011

Guardian: Adam Werritty is questioned by Cabinet officials at an undisclosed location away from Whitehall. [source]

10th October 2011

6:45pm Well, that was either a damp squib or fireworks postponed. Liam Fox remains in his job...

3:47pm Guardian reports that the MOD has said Adam Werritty attended MOD 22 times not 14 times as previously claimed. [source]

3:46pm Guardian, Rupert Neate: "The most striking part of Fox's statement is that he has now admitted to taking his best friend Adam Werritty on "18 trips overseas". His department has insisted to the Guardian for more than two months that Werritty was not taken on any official trips." [source]

A comment that raised eyebrows in Liam Fox's statement to the Commons was this: Liam Fox refers to how Adam Werritty was paid: He said [Werritty's remuneration was] "not dependent on any transactional behaviour to maintain his income" - so maybe he was being paid by retainer for general services offered, or maybe wasn't being paid...

BBC 1 pm: David Cameron has 'full confidence' in Liam Fox

Telegraph: David Cameron to order further investigation into Liam Fox's relationship with Adam Werritty

Satire sites: [Daily Moan] Fox To Be Ripped Apart By Baying Labour Hounds On Monday + [Armstretchograph] Liam Fox: I Was Just Out For A Drink With My Mate

Daily Mash: Fox accidentally made best friend head of RAF

Newsbiscuit: Cameron looks for support for the reintroduction of Liam Fox-hunting and It’s not unlike ‘Eric and Ernie’, insists Liam Fox

11:49am: David Cameron has still not seen what will be an interim report. No decision is expected today on the future of Liam Fox. Liam Fox is to give a full statement at 3:30 on Adam Werritty, something he had apparently earlier refused to do. (Source: Guardian)

Today Liam Fox has to answer questions in the Commons to MPs amidst further allegations in the morning's papers:

Telegraph: Adam Werritty was allegedly a paid researcher who worked for Liam Fox as his personal envoy in a trip to Sri Lanka in the year 2005/6. [source]

Guardian: A meeting in Dubai was apparently arranged in March 2010 despite claims from Liam Fox that it occurred after a chance meeting in a restaurant [source]

Independent: Adam Werritty allegedly organised a meeting with the Sri Lankan president at which Liam Fox attended, three months ago [source]

BBC: Report on Liam Fox's conduct to go to David Cameron [source]

Channel 4 News:
Adam Werritty shakes President of Sri Lanka's hand at official meeting, as shown on Sri Lanka TV, says Guardian [video source]
Werritty Shakes President's hand



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