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Janet's Jacksons

Experts estimate America was only 2 minutes away from this

This is the shocking picture of what would have happened at Sunday's Super Bowl XXXVIII had Justin Timberlake's bra ripping plan not been foiled by secret anti-terrorist measures.
Justin Timberlake only managed to rip the right cup off Janet Jackson's top. But here, for the first time on the planet, we reveal what a double rip would have looked like.
Timberlake surprise

Timberlake 'Surprised'

As you can see, above, two boobies are clearly sticking out of the top, rather than just the one which was seen by almost a billion people around the world. Corrr!
But was Timberlake really surprised at the rip? He says it was a 'mistake' but he ripped the dress off whilst he sang the words: "Babe, I'm gonna lob yer tits out now". We say: Just'n, yer should av pulled the other one me old china! Phooorrrrr!
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