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Last update: 20th August 2013

Best Edinburgh Fringe One Liners 2013

A man, an osterich and a cat walk into a bar... (18)

Tongue Twisters For Adults, Part 1 (15) Part 2 (15)

Penis Survey (15)

Baby Photographer (15)

Frog Penis (15)

Secret Of A Contented Married Life (PG)

Blonde Diet (PG)

Phone Call To The Lawyer (PG)

Quiz To Drive You Mad (with answers)

Parents Excuses - Letters To School (U)

Three Couples Apply For Church (15)

Top 10 Edinburgh Fringe Jokes 2012 (PG)

Frank Carson Jokes (PG)

Thanksgiving Day Jokes (PG)

Give This Guy The Job! - Email job application (15)

Orange Head (PG)

Dumbest Kid (PG)

Blonde ATM (PG)

Best Woody Allen One Liners (PG)

Edinburgh Fringe Top Ten Best Jokes, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Top Ten Best Jokes, 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Top Ten Best Jokes, 2009

Edinburgh Fringe Top Ten Best Jokes, 2008

Edinburgh Fringe Best Jokes, 2004

Husband forgets anniversary (PG)

Husband and wife and a convict (15)

Semen Sample (15)

Two Old Men (12)

Aussie Tank's Joke Page (15)

Bank Robbery (15)

Hippie And The Nun (15)

Little Johnny's Etiquette Lesson (15)

Little Johnny gets an F in arithmatic... [15]

The best English (language) Graffiti photos in the world...

The best of the worst English translations and other funny sign pictures from around the world...

The Best Of The Worst Christmas Cracker Jokes (U)

Hilarious screen captcha's (PG)

University of Michigan Masturbation Policy Funny Sign...

Bum Sex Shocker - Seemingly Genuine Newspaper Headline of the year, 2009

Top 20 Pick Up Lines (Unlikeliest To Work) Men For Women (15)

Firing Squad Blond (PG)

Yo Mama! (15)

Two Pensioners (15)

The Finger - Text File
Funny English Hotel Translations 1, 2, 3 (PG)

England Rugby Supporter and the Pope (PG)

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