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December 2016

New Plastic Fivers Designed Exclusively For Meat Eaters + Is Ed Balls Set To Waltz into Labour Leadership? + Letters

'English Breakfast Brexit' - Black Pudding Yes Or No? + Russian Influence Over US Election Being Ignored By Popular Conspiracy Sites + Letters

Brexit Bill Could Be 'Give Us All The Money You've Got' + Jack Frost Punched In Nose + Letters

PM Set To Announce Top 20 Brexit Celebrities 'Too Big To Die' + Richard Hammond Outted: Seen Eating Ice Cream In Car + Letters

November 2016

Exclusive: Donald Trump Can't Use Email + Relief As Post Brexit Halloween 'Just As Ghoulish' As Expected + Letters

'BREXIT Judges' Advised Not To Wear Their Wigs In Public Or They 'Could Get Recognised' + MAN WEARING JUDGE WIG ASSAULTED IN IPSWICH + Letters

Donald Trump: 'New Mexico Border Wall Could Be Part Gaps' + HILLARY CLINTON BECOMES FIRST FEMALE US PRESIDENT + Letters

de Pfeffel's Piffle: Boris Johnson's New Column + First Episode Of The Grand Tour Applauded By Carol Vorderman Fans Before They've Seen It + Letters

Prime Minister Outlines Her Ideal BREXIT Surprise Negotiating Position + EU leaders 'not bluffing' over Brexit terms, warns Malta's PM + Letters

October 2016

Donald Trump: 'Losing $916 Million Was My Smartest Ever Move' + Hello! Magazine Offers £2million for Kim Kardashian's Stolen Jewellery Claim Form + Letters

Donald Trump Doesn't Literally Explode + Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump Asked To Replace Donald Trump By Republican Party + Letters

Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To A 'Who Is Cuter Me Or You Baby Photo Competition' Before The Next Debate + Boris Johnson Wrote Third Column Where He Sat On The Fence About Brexit, New Book Reveals + Letters

'Brexaggedon Summed Up By Ed Balls On Strictly' + Will The Last Bank To Leave The City Of London Please Turn Out The Lights + Letters


September 2016

PM May Told To Avoid Making Any Noise While In Bathroom As 'Chinese Spy's Listening' + BREXIT! Downgraded To Brexit + Letters

Calls For Morbidly Obese Olympics + Hillary Clinton Overheats Again + Letters

Number 10 Gets 'Article 50' Button Installed + Are These The Boxer Shorts Nigel Farage Used To Skinny Dip In? + Letters

Is Princess Charlotte Causing Riots In America? + Brexit Should Be The Hardest Brexit Possible, Says Johnny Britain + Letters

August 2016

Flossing To Be Made Illegal In England + Annual Essex 'Shut Up You Slag!' Gold Medal Won By Mr Timminds + Letters

Donald Trump: "My Ron Burgundy Fear Were I To Grow A Moustache" + Twitter Celebrated 'World Day Before Yesterday Day' On Wrong Day Claims Organiser + Letters

Man Ties Dog To Donald Trump Statue's Unmentionables + GB To Finish Second In Olympic Medals Table, Unless You Use The One Where It's Ordered By Number Of Medals Won Like The Americans Use + Letters

'Corbyn Could Have Put His Bottom On A Seat,' Claims Branson Train Company + Jedi Knight Corbyn Denies Using The Force Against Virgin Boss Branson + Letters

July 2016

Brexit Means Brexit, Confirms New PM May + It Says Angela Not Argh Says Angela Eagle + Letters

'Foreign Secretary Gives Us His Hair Tips' Column Dropped + Plans Uncovered To Trigger Article 5 Ten Times, Says Sturgeon + Letters

Smith Family Beats World I-Spy Record As Dover Delays Mount + French Border Guard Was 'Single Snarly Dog' + Letters

Donald Trunk Joins The Thun + Donald Trump To Increase Height Of Wall By 6 Inches Following Criticism + Letters

Conservative Party To Elect New Margaret Thatcher + Jedi Master Corbyn Quells Labour Rebels Using Sinister Powers + Letters

Top Ten Reasons Michael Gove Is Not Equipped To Be Prime Minister, By Michael Gove + Top Five Reasons Michael Gove Must Never Be Prime Minister + Letters

June 2016

Latest Scores: Project Fear 44, Project Cockeyed Optimists 55 + Bunnies Come Out For Brexit + Letters

New Top Gear Will End If Country Votes To Remain In Europe, Promises Cameron + Brexit Will Cause Crazy Golf Chaos, Warns Brussels Minister + Letters

1.1 Million #BREGRETTERS To Take Part In ITV2 Reality Series + 1.1 Million Voters Don't Know Difference Between Leave And Remain + Letters

95% Of Pollsters Wish They Were On Holiday Right Now, According to Latest Poll + You Have Got To Be Merdeing Kidding Us + Letters

May 2016

"I Am Satoshi Nakamoto" Claims Satoshi Nakamoti + "I Am Satoshi Yakamoto" Claims Satoshi Nakamoto + Letters

Your House Will Fall Down If You Vote Brexit, Warns Cameron + Tony Blair Will Make Millions If We Leave Europe, Warns Cameron + Letters

Overweight Activists Campaign To Rename Comedy Act To Hardy And Laurel + Ladbrokes To Offer 5000-1 For Leicester City To Do It Again + Letters

Brexit Will Lead To More Earthquakes, Claims NATO + 'MI5 Tried To Put Bug In Johnson's Hair' Claims Brexit Supporter + Letters

April 2016

Brexit Means End Of KitKats, Warns Cameron + Oil Price Slithers Downwards + Letters

EXCLUSIVE: David Cameron - "I Don't Own A Panama Hat" + Panama Hats Set To Be 'Hat Of Summer' + Letters

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: Premier League Players Are Dopes + Britain Leaving Europe Would Shock The World Like London Did In The Sixties, Claims George Osborne + Letters

90 Things You Already Know About The Queen, Part 1 + Man In Gorilla Suit Wins London Marathon + Letters

David Cameron Must Explain What Items Marked 'Other Sinister Stuff' in Tax Return Is + Get Your Offshore T-Shirts Here + Letters

March 2016

Donald Trump Supporter Begins Building Mexico Wall + Donald Trump Supporters Are The Heaviest Of All GOP Candidates, Scales Show + Letters

Sheffield Woman In Induced Coma After Easter Egg Binge + Sheffield Woman Hospitalised After Eating 'Good To Be Queen' Cushion + Letters

"Iain Duncan Smith's First Name Is George," Sniffs George Osborne + IDS's Own Wikipedia Page Attacks Him + Letters

Maria Sharapova Admits To Taking Gruntomium + Donald Trump 'I Could Squeeze A Zit In The Debates And I Would Still Win' + Letters

The New Day Launch Special: "I Love Custard," Says Theresa May + Why Are Children So Short? Our Children Expert Speaks Out + Letters

Secret Documents Show Donald Trump Plans To Redevelop White House If He Wins + Fat People 13.5% More Cheerful Than Thin People, Survey Finds + Letters

February 2016

Strawberry Jam Will Taste Better If We Leave Europe, Claims Outer + London Risks Turning Into Paris If We Stay, Claims Outer Smith + Letters

Man Gets Tattoo Of Donald Trump On His Bottom + Ten Mile Deep Snow Storm On The Way + Letters

David Cameron 'As Red As A Beetroot' As Euro Negotiations Get Stressed + Apple Boss 'Happy To Be Water Boarded' + Letters

United Nations: Pet Rabbits Being 'Arbitrarily Detained' + CompensationLawyers 4U.ouch 'Proud Sponsors' Of Channel 4's The Jump + Letters

Nation's Dogs Favour Out Vote, Claims Brexit Insider + Out Means Out, In Means In, Confirms Boris + Letters

Matt Le Blanc To Star As Richard Hammond In New Top Gear + David Cameron Sorts That Europe Thing Out + Letters

January 2016

BBC3 Logo Wins Chin Shrugs At Drinks Parties Applause + Humanity Has Been Looking For Aliens In The Wrong Place, Claim Scientists + Letters

OFCOM Receive 500 Complaints After Heart Radio 'David Cameron Dead' Announcement + David Cameron Death Denied By Number 10 + Letters

Donald Trump speech videos used to punish children in Tunisia + George Lucas Apologises 10 Times This Week + Letters

Sarah Palin Applauds Trump For His 'Fireding Ability' + World Stock Markets Loop The Loop + Letters

#USAEastCoastSoWhite Tag Trending + Woman Who Washed Winning Lottery Ticket In Jeans Claims They Are Still 'My Lucky Pair' + Letters

Hopes Grow For Extensive Eurovision 'Respectful' Silence Following Legend Wogan Passing + Doomsday Clock Falls Off The Wall + Letters

More Top Gear Problems As Chris Evans Vomits Over The Stig + 9 Out Of 10 Cinema Goers Consider Putting On A Coat While Watching The Revenant + Letters

Twitter Set To Increase Letters Allowed From 140 To 'However Long War And Peace Is' + Kyrgyzstan Sausages Comment Could Have Lead To War With Scotland + Letters