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July 2017

Theresa May Learning How To Shout In Deep Voice For Brexit Negotiations + Brilliant Donald Trump Posts Video Of Him Wrestling Kim Jong-U

Secret Euro26 Plans To Give Boris 'Wedgie' + Donald Trump Or Duck? Have Your Say

Donald Trump Senior Was At Russia Meeting, Claims Deeper Throat + Plot Foiled To Superglu Trump And Macron's Hands Together

Donald Trump Gives Sean Spicer 'Beautiful Pardon' + BBC Women Told: Be More Like Chris Evans If You Want A Rise


June 2017

Corbyn Criticised For Refusing To Say He'll Press A Button Nobody Has Ever Pressed Before + "I Actually Quite Enjoy Being Patronised By Donald Trump," Says Theresa May + Letters

'Strong Stable' Theresa May Talking About Found In Ruins + Nigel Farage To Return + Letters

Theresa May Asks JK Rowling For Magic Spell + Son Of Farmer Of Wheat Field In Which Theresa May Ran As Child Is 'Still Furious' + Letters

Theresa May Wins World Gurning Championship + "I'm Still Going For A Bloody Awkwardly Hard Brexit" Says May + Letters


May 2017

Darth Mayder Vs Obi-Wan Corbyn Can Only End One Way, Says Star Wars Fan + BREXIT PLANS IN TURMOIL AS PRINCE PHILIP STEPS DOWN + Letters


That Donald Trump Curtsey In Full + "We Are The Nazty Party," Says Theresa May in 2002 + Letters

Sacked Katie Hopkins Cries Hysterically In Car + Election Campaign Descends Into Chaos + Letters


April 2017

Gibraltar: It's War! + The Full Story Behind That Sad Clock Face Brexit Picture + Letters

Donald Trump: "I Want My Presidency To Be More Exciting Than 24" + Restaurant Review: My Worst Experience in Over 20 Years In The Job + Letters

PM May Urges Marmite Haters To United With Marmite Lovers + Did US VP Use Magic To Stop North Korea Rocket Test? + Letters

Opinion Polls Go Mental + 'Election Cock' Starts Deliberations + Letters

'Strong And Stable' Government Expected To Be 'Snazzy' Says Senior Conservative + 17 More People Moan About Election + Letters


March 2017

"It's Watergate 2" Claims Trump + 'Only Piers Morgan Can Rescue ITV's Nightly Show' Say Smokers Outside ITV + Letters

Civil Servants To Practice Triggering Article 50 Today + "I'm Triggering Article 50 When They Least Expect It," Says PM May + Letters

George Osborne To Join Cast Of TOWIE + Number 10 'Aims' To Trigger Article 50 With Poem + Letters

Company Behind 'Stop Eating Like A **** Pig Dietâ„¢' Files For Bankruptcy + New One Pound Coin Gets Stuck In Dog's Throat + Letters


February 2017

Chocolate Bars To Be Put 20% Lower On Shelves To Give 'Fat Enhanced' A Bit Of A Workout + PM May Signs Executive Order To Stop Cold Snap This Week + Letters

Sean Spicer In Podium Meltdown On Live TV, According To Foreign Newspaper + Channel 4's The Jump To Feature All Donald Trump Impersonators + Letters

Donald Trump Shoots Journalist Dead During Press Conference + American Alex Jones vs British Alex Jones, Who'd You Rather? + Letters

Oscar Chaos To Be Made Into A Musical + Only 10% Of Oscar Winners Do Speech Better Than The One They Rehearsed + Letters


January 2017

Hopes For 2017 'Misplaced', Claims Disasterologist + Robbie Williams And Maria Carey End 2016 On Perfect Notes + Letters

Foreign Office Install Dartboard And Challenge UKIP + "OOO! STOP! MY BREXIT IS KILLING ME!!" SAYS THERESA MAY IMPERSONATOR + Letters

How Will We Know If Russia Does Have Wee-verage Over Donald Trump Anyway? + DONALD TRUMP SLAMS JOHN LEWIS + Letters

White Spaces In Crowd Were KKK Members, Insists Trump Spokesman + TRUMPO: "THAT WASN'T DANCING THAT WAS PUSHING YOUR WIFE AROUND USING YOUR HIPS" + Letters

'Special Relationship' Over Following BBC's Trump Question + New Cartoon Series: Crazy Maysie Comes To Support Of President Peacock + Letters