The Talking Dog (PG)

A man notices a sign in a pet shop window "Talking Dog for Sale........"

Intrigued he enters and asks the shopkeeper if he can see the dog.

"I believe you can talk" says the man.

"Yep" replies the dog.

"So tell me about yourself" the man continues.

"Well," says the dog, "I discovered I had this gift pretty young and approached the government. In no time at all I was being flown from place to place to eavesdrop on world leaders. Later I became tired of the travelling and took a job as an undercover security guard at an airport, where I thwarted a hijacking. I was given a huge reward and was able to retire"

Amazed by what he's heard the man asks the shopkeeper "How much for the dog?"

"Ten quid" comes the reply.

"But this dog is amazing" says the man "Why so cheap?"

"He's a liar" says the pet shop owner, "He hasn't done any of those things."