Yo! Mama... (15)

Yo! Mama... so ugly yo father takes her to work with him so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.

Yo! Mama... so stupid she worked at an m&m factory and threw out all the W's.

Yo! Mama... so ugly when she tried to take a bath the water jumped out!

Yo! Mama... so fat that her measurements are 26-34-28, and her other arm is just as big!

Yo! Mama... so poor your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk.

Yo! Mama... so fat she walked in front of the tv and I missed 3 commercials.

Yo! Mama... so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.

Yo! Mama... so old she knew the Great Wall of China when it was just ok.

Yo! Mama... so fat that they had to install speed bumps for her at all you can eat buffet.

Yo! Mama... so ugly even Rice Krispies won't talk to her!

Yo! Mama... so poor when I ring the doorbell she says,"DING!"

Yo! Mama... so old her birth certificate is in Roman numerals.

Yo! Mama's... teeth are so yellow that when she smiles traffic slows down.

I have a question for you. Last year I bought shares in McDonald's and it was going great. Then I recently lost all of my money! So here is my question. Has your mum started a diet? (Jacob Lee)

Your momma's so fat, her memory foam mattress is trying to forget. (@halrudnick)


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