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Bum Sex Shocker - Seemingly Genuine Newspaper Headline of the year, 2009

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Firing Squad Blond (PG)

Yo Mama! (15)

Two Pensioners (15)

Beer Prayer (PG)

The Wash Cloth (15)

Accident at the Pearly Gates (PG)

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Two Pensioners (15)

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If at first you don't succeed... (15)

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Bump - Our Tribute To Sir Clement Freud

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Two Italians Talking... (15)

Rectum Stretcher… (15)

English as the official language of Europe… (PG)

Blind Sales Assistant (PG)

Two Blondes... (PG)

A Little Old Man Walks Into A... (15)

How To Get Your Money Back (18)

Big Bic... (15)

The Sign… (PG)

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Turkey And The Bull (15)

Genie Three Wishes - Manager (PG)

Installing Software… (PG)

Thirteen Thoughts For The Day (PG)

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Virus Alerts... (Circa 2001 ish) (PG)

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Kenny The Rooster (15)

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American Tourist (PG)

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Redneck joke... logic... (PG)

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X Rated Humpty Dumpty (18)

Cuckoo Clock

Penis Promotion Request (18)

Top Salesman Joke (U)

Blonde at the Pearly Gates (U)

Funny questions

Blonde Joke Cavalcade (PG)

Frog Loan (U)

Strange Number Quiz (U)

Camel Joke (15)

Jewish Towel Joke (18)

Funny Quiz: The Weakest Link

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Classic Hilarious Cricket Commentary Blooper

Samurai Joke (PG)

Tennis Elbow (12)

Hilarious Signs From the USA (PG)

Smart Blonde - Ventriloquist (PG)

Blonde and Lawyer Joke (U)

Size Misunderstanding (15)

Monastery Joke (U)

Lawyer get to heaven (PG)

How To Shower Like a Man/Woman (PG)

Nuns at Pearly Gates (18)

The best of Zoo Weekly Jokes (12)

Golf Joke (U)

Politically Incorrect Dirty One Liners Part One Part Two

Little Johnny (18)

Funny Signs - California

Little Girl in Pet Shop (13)

Funny Bad Joke Cavalcade (15)

Golf Genie (15)

F****g Cheque Account (18)

Naughty Nursery Rhymes Part Two (18)

Naughty Nursery Rhymes (18)

Falling to sleep in Church (15)

Czech Opticians (U)

Car Accident... Pearly Gates (PG)

Pregnant Bullet (15)

Chinese Torture (15)

Rich Little Old Lady (15)

Driving with the wife... (13)

Blond Joke - School (13)

Blond Joke - Driving (PG)

Blond Joke - Farm (PG)

Funny English Hotel Translations 1, 2, 3 (PG)

Feel Like a woman(13)

Blonde Flowers(15)

Fairy Wish...(13)

Locker Room Cell Phone Conversation (PG)

Parrots... (PG)

Girlfriend 1.0 (PG)

Fishing expedition... (13)

Aussie Rugger Family (13)

Breast Enlargement (15)

Communication Problems (15)

Golf...Funeral... (PG)

Bus baby (PG)

Woof Woof (PG)

Phone Help (PG)

George Bush and Dick Cheney in a Restaurant (15)

Telling the time with a Donkey (15)

England Rugby Supporter and the Pope (PG)

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An account of a recent meeting between George W Bush and Condoleeza Rice.

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